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Model XB-108 Laminating waterproofcue  
Class Acrylic Emulsion  
Adhesive type Click count】1871

Performance Utility:
Water borne Acrylic Sticker ,attested environmental protection and nonpoisonous by ROHS,used for shoes material , the jointing of multi-ventilated breathability of furniture clothing of foam pasting cloth and cloth pasting cloth ,with the advantages of high strength of jointing and striping ,good waterproof ,low joint cost ,environmental protection , nonpoisonous ,tasteless ,easy manipulation and so on .
Solid content
25℃ CPS Viscosity
Tack ball (No#)
N/25mm Adhesion 
Holding power
XB-108 Laminating waterproofcue
Foam Breakage
Main usage Using for complex processing of shoes material .

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